IDataObject WPF Winforms Interop

I encountered  a strange problem today when writing an App which involved WPF and Winform interop. While drag dropping from a winforms control into a WPF control,  the WPF control gives you System.Windows.IDataObject in its drag event args. But I needed the dataObject as a System.Windows.Forms.IDataObject object. After looking for solutions to convert , I figured out this tiny bit of code will takee care of it 🙂
System.Windows.Forms.DataObject winformDataobject = new System.Windows.Forms.DataObject();
foreach (string format in wpfDataObject.GetFormats())
         winformDataobject.SetData(format, wpfDataObject.GetData(format));
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56 Responses to IDataObject WPF Winforms Interop

  1. Alvaro says:

    It worked!!, thanks.

  2. Peter says:

    This only works for primitive types, for more complicated objects, see!99725B524CE81CA3!146.entry

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